Diesel Flowmeter (D Series)

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Features / Benefits

  • High accuracy oval gear technology with low pressure drop can be used in gravity-fed applications
  • No requirement for flow conditioning or straight pipe runs makes them ideal for compact installations with limited space D Robust aluminium mechanical registers: Litres or USG – do not require power/batteries
  • Electronic displays: Battery or external power, Intrinsically safe option
  • Threaded (BSPP, NPT) or flanged (ANSI 150, DIN PN16) connections
  • Optional air eliminator/strainers available for M D-250 and larger


  • Fleet Depots
  • Mine Sites
  • Construction Sites
  • Farms
  • Marine Facilities
  • Portable Fueling

Electronics Options

Not Available


Diesel Flowmeter (D Series)

FLOMEC® D-Series Diesel Flowmeters are designed for common transfer applications involving diesel fuel, including receipt verification, loading, un-loading, distribution and dispensing where custody transfer (weights and measures) is not required. They are suitable for fleet depots, mine sites, construction sites, farms, marine facilities & portable fueling applications. The meters are compact and can be used in both pumped and gravity-fed systems.