QS100 Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor

Features / Benefits

  • High accuracy: +/-2% of reading (compared to full scale on most other brands)
  • Flow range of 0.22 to 33 GPM so you can monitor all of your zones with a single meter
  • No moving parts for maintenance-free operation
  • Can be used in above or below grade installations for maximum versatility
  • A simple two-wire connection for pulse and power make installation easy
  • LED light indicators visually display power and operational mode
  • Onboard diagnostics simplify system maintenance by utilizing the LED indicators to show low flow and high flow
  • Compatible with most irrigation controllers
  • Wire leads have UL Style 116666 direct burial insulation to ensure durability
  • The QS100 is suitable for use with reclaimed water for those environmentally sensitive applications


  • Agriculture Irrigation
  • Turf | Landscape Irrigation Systems
  • Micro Irrigation Systems
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • Sub-Metering Applications:
    • High Rise Tenant Buildings
    • Apartment Complex
    • Universities
    • Commercial Businesses
    • Processing Facilities

Electronics Options


QS100 Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor


QS100 K-Factors

The FLOMEC® QS100 Ultrasonic Turf Irrigation Flow Sensor has NO moving parts and NO flow restrictions, making it nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE.


It’s SO ACCURATE it senses a dripping faucet. The QS100 measures water flow rates 5X LOWER than competing flow sensors. It literally senses leaky valves, blockages, and other problems.

This 1-inch flow sensor is not only economically priced but is also excellent for commercial and residential irrigation flow detection and measurement of small leaks and line breaks.

The ability to detect flows down to 0.22 GPM makes it ideal for low-flow drip zones. In addition to its low-flow capabilities, ultra-sonic technology means no moving parts to wear out or fail when winterizing systems using compressed air.

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