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FLOMEC® QS200 Wins Landscape Irrigation New Product Contest at 2018 Irrigation Show

After a year of hard work and product development, our new FLOMEC QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter was finally complete. Knowing it was a truly innovative product, we entered it in the Landscape Irrigation category of the New Product Contest of the 2018 Irrigation Show and Education Conference. With 23 other stellar entries in our category, we won!


The FLOMEC meter team strives to understand and fulfill the needs of the industry. Throughout the 2017 Irrigation Show, many irrigation industry decision-makers told us the market was in need of a meter that could accurately read low flow rates. The QS200 doesn’t simply sense flow like most other flowmeters. It measures flow with ultrasonic technology, allowing it to detect flows five times lower than other flowmeters on the market! Plus it has no moving parts, making it easy to install and low maintenance.


Winning the contest reinforces our strategy of listening to what the market needs and responding with products to fit those needs. With that in mind, we are hard at work using the new feedback we received at the 2018 Irrigation Show to keep creating meters that fulfill the needs of the market with better quality, higher performance, and lower cost products.


To learn more about the QS200 and other FLOMEC products, visit our website.