Obvious Data Acquisition Server & Wireless Transceiver


FLOMEC® has partnered with Obvius, a leading energy solutions provider, to offer the optimum solutions for data collection and connectivity.


AcquiSuite EMB A8810

The AcquiSuite is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server allowing users to collect energy data from meters and environmental sensors. Designed to connect to IP-based applications, the AcquiSuite server connects thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage and reduce energy costs.


  • Energy cost reduction
  • Access energy information from local or remote sites
  • Track energy use and peak demand for Demand Response Programs
  • Monitor performance of critical systems (lighting, HVAC, PDUs, Inverters, etc.)
  • Push or pull meter data to energy dashboards, kiosks and software applications
  • LEED/Energy Star Certification


ModHopper Wireless Modbus/Pulse Transceiver R9120-5

The ModHopper is a mesh technology design that makes connecting Modbus and pulse devices simple and cost-effective. ModHopper transceivers eliminate the need for costly wiring runs allowing users to capture meter data in the most challenging retrofit and campus environments. Collect meter points R9120-5 in existing buildings with minimum down-time or disruption of day-today operations


  • Utility submetering (electric, gas, water, etc.)
  • Metering on campus environments
  • Government advanced metering projects (256Bit AES, FIPS-197 certified, J/F-12 8306)
  • Multi-tenant submetering projects
  • Industrial/ Manufacturing facilities



Wireless Metering Data Sheets
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